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Werewolves, also known as lycanthropes, are a supernatural species. They are a type of demon that look human in one form and a giant human like wolf in Werewolf form. Normal Werewolves and Pure Werewolves look very different. A normal werewolf is a person who has been bitten by a werewolf and turned. A pure Werewolf is a someone who is born a Werewolf by parents who also are lycanthropes.

Powers & Abilities[]

Werewolves are far superior to humans, displaying a variety of supernatural powers. Pure Wolves are stronger.

  • Super Strength: Werewolves are much stronger than any human or animal and can overpower them with ease. A Werewolves strength is strong they can punch and claw at a very intense rate and can knock them back and send them flying or sometimes, if hard enough, kill a human or animal.
  • Super Speed: Werewolves can move very quickly, much faster than a human or animal can, but less faster than a vampire. They can run through a forest of 2 km in 1hr 29mins where as a vampire could do it in 48mins. They do not appear to be a blur but they are swift.
  • Senses: Werewolves have extremely strong senses (stronger than vampires). They are able to hear in high pitched frequencies, being able to hear conversations a normal human cannot. Werewolves have a very keen sense of smell, and it is tricky to hide from or sneak up on them. They can also see in total darkness. Because of these senses, it makes them quite a match.
  • Rapid Healing: Werewolves can heal exceptionally fast. It is possible that this accelerated healing also grants the werewolf a very high pain threshold. It takes them up to 10 seconds to heal they cant heal when fighting they have to concentrate and after they have, they look completely healthy. The healing can be accelerated if a werewolf is feeding or has just fed.
  • Invincibility: Werewolves are nearly indestructible. Upon their transformation, they become immune to all conventional illness, disease, virus and infection. However, they can still be poisoned with silver nitrate, which causes severe weakness and an apparent fever if it is in the blood stream. Although werewolves cannot be killed by most conventional methods, silver nitrate in the blood stream, fire or a silver stake through the heart will.
  • Durability: They can endure being hit hard, thrown through something, and still get back up and fight. It is quite hard to knock them out, even more so of they are new werewolves. Werewolves do not run out of breath, but can become exhausted in a fight.


  • Silver: Silver is lethal to a werewolf if they stabbed with it, its painful for them. To kill a werewolf, a Silver Stake must penetrate through their heart. Silver nitrate into the blood stream will slowy kill them if enough is injected. Silver bullets wont kill them but will harm and slow them.
  • Wolfsbane: Wolfesbane is lethel to a werewolf. When ingested, wolfesbane makes a werewolf severely weak and feverish. Whether consumed directly (eg. through food or alcohol), or indirectly (eg. by feeding on a human who has ingested wolfesbane), the effects are the same. Wolfesbane may also burn werewolves when exposed to the skin.
  • Fire: A werewolf, if set on fire, will burn to death, but it takes more time for them to burn to death than regular humans.
  • Decapitation: If a werewolf is decapatated they will start to feirose quickly. Feirose is when a werewolf is killed gray lines sprout from the wound all over the body, when they reach the eyes the lines go into there eyes and turn them fully white (like when a werewolf is angry, scared, aroused, about to turn or when they want to) and their bodies turn rock hard.
  • Magic: Magic can hurt a werewolf, like the power Brain Pulse. It can hurt anything with a supernatural healing ability, it causes multiple brain aneurysms.
  • Heart Extraction: When a werewolves heart is ripped out it causes instant death.
  • Deterioration Glow: When a Vampire is staked or killed they begin to deteriorate when they do their veins start to die and they give off a black glow that if it comes in contact with a Werewolves skin it can burn them.

Becoming A Werewolf[]

If a human wanted to become a Werewolf or the Werewolf wanted to turn someone, the human would have to drink the blood of that werewolf and then die but only through a way that doesnt kill the brain or heart. They would awaken 12 hours later and would undergo the transformation into their Werewolf form which is very painful and tiring. When transformed they would go on a hunger strike and would have to kill and drink from their kill for the transformation to become permanant or they would die in 24 hours. After they become a Werewolf, they can change at will except on a full moon.

Full Moon[]

When a full moon is up half breed Werewolves change unwillingly and go to feed. They would become hungry and desparate and would kill anything that got in their way. The full moon does not effect full blooded Werewolves as they were born not turned.

Natural Enemies[]

Werewolves have natural enemies. Only three have been recognized.


Their most common and most hated enemies are Vampires. For centuries the fight between Werewolves and Vampires still rage on. Vampire and Werewolf Coven members are forbiden to consult with the opposites. That was broken when Thomas became friends with Evan and both Coven species have banished them and usually try and kill them. Thomas' father is the leader of The Denali Coven, a coven of powerful Full-Blooded Werewolves that reside in Leeds


Other enemies of Vampires are Dhampeles which are Human looking Demons like Vampires and Werewolves. They are a danger to Vampires and Werewolves because they feed on the blood of both species and Humans. They have fully blacked out eyes and have razor sharp teeth top and bottom. They can only be killed by ripping out their heart.


Slayers kill both Werewolves and Vampires on sight.

Lycanthrope Hybrids[]

Hybrid Werewolves are a cross between a Werewolf and another species which can only happen through breeding, since Werewolves cannot turn other demons. The parents must be from other species besides Werewolves.