The Amulet on the floor of the warehouse about to be crushed by Thomas

This Amulet was made by a vampire named Trax and given to his son Shaks.


The Amulet was made and used by a vampire named Trax in 1943, and Trax used it to kill witches. It was then passed down to his son Shaks who he used it for the same purpose. The Amulet has silver markings and intails and in the middle is an emerald jewel which is where the magic comes from. The Amulets powers only work for vampires, Trax made it that way so if nything was to happen to him or to his son no-one else could use it. It is still unkown how Trax made it with magic since he is a non magical being, mabie he drained the powers of the witches he killed or got one of them to do it.


The Amulet when whorn gives the wearer the powers & weaknesses of:

Extra Strength

Near Invunrability to magic and injuries

More sensitive to sunlight

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