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Thomas Haynes
Thomas Haynes


September 10, 1993 (19)


Werewolf (Pure Breed)


Tony Haynes (Father)

Iryna Stecko (Mother)

Domonic Haynes (Brother, Deceased)



Thomas Haynes is the one of the main characters of Bloodlust and a pure breed Werewolf. He is the son of Anthony Haynes and Iryna Haynes and the brother of Domonic Haynes.


Thomas Haynes was born a Pure Breed of Werewolf his mother and father both being werewolves, making him the very first pure blood to be shown on Bloodlust. He is a 19 year old boy with dark secrets he is a fighter who protects the world from demons. He fights demons and monsters every day and his enemies come up with new ways of killing him and his friends. He has a dark past and loves to fight he is training with Evan almost every night but is jealous of Evan because of his super speed, he is brave and loyal and will do anything for his friends. He is the son of Iryna and Tony and the brother of Domonic Haynes.

When he was younger his mother was the victim of a violent werewolf attack while he and his brother were in the car. Thomas was in the final battle against Death. Because of the Synchianno spell that Neo did they are now all physically much stronger and more durable than they were to fight against the 'Army of Death' even taking on two Groxlar Beasts and killing them where he was not even able to take down one before.

Anthony Haynes[]

Tom has a deep hatred for his father as he left when he was young and doesn't care only to kill Vampires. Tom thinks that he only cares for that but thats not the main reason. The secret is finally revealed that Iryna was out too kill Anthony but fell in love and then had an affair with a human. Anthony killed the human and left.


Tom is a very calm person although he is quick to anger. He is sometimes stubborn and thinks before he acts. After the death of his brother he was deply affected by it and even went to see a witch to make the pain stop but decided to deal with it normally. He is intelligent and strong-minded, he uses tactics and logical thinking. Apart from that Tom is very kind and playful and does have a soft spot. He is brave and loyal to his friends and family.

Thomas in wolf form, ready to attack Elexis in the cave after Corvin dissapears

Powers & Abilities[]

He has all of the powers and weaknesses of a werewolf. Thomas is a Pure breed being Full Werewolf he is physicaly stronger than most vampires, werewolves and demons.

  • Super Strength: Werewolves are much stronger than any human or animal and can overpower them with ease. A Werewolves strength is strong they can punch and claw at a very intense rate and can knock them back and send them flying or sometimes if hard enough kill a human or animal. Because of the Synchianno spell he is far more stronger than he was before.
  • Extensive Speed: Werewolves can move very quickly, much faster than a human or animal can, but less faster than a vampire because a werewolves speed is limited. They do not appear to be a blur but they are swift.
  • Sense:Werewolves have extremely strong senses (More stronger than a vampires). They are able to hear in high pitched frequencies, being able to hear conversations a normal human cannot. Werewolves have a very keen sense of smell, and is tricky to hide from them or to sneak up on. They can also see in total darkness. Because of these senses, it makes them quite a match.
  • Rapid Healing: Werewolves can heal exceptionally fast. It is possible that this accelerated healing also grants the werewolf a very high pain threshold. It takes them up to 10 seconds to heal they cant heal when fighting they have to concentrate and after they have, they look completely healthy. The healing can be accelerated if a werewolf is feeding or has just fed.
  • Invincibility: Werewolves are nearly indestructible. Upon their transformation they become immune to all conventional illness, disease, virus and infection. However, they can still be poisoned with silver nitrate, which causes severe weakness and an apparent fever if it is in the blood stream. Although werewolves cannot be killed by most conventional methods, Silver nitrate in the blood stream, fire or a silver stake through the heart will suffice.
  • Durability: They can be hit with bricks, hit by something strong, thrown through something and still get back up and fight it is quite hard to knock them out but new werewolves are harder to. Werewolves do not run out of breath but can become exhausted in a fight but that is because they are using muscle many times. They dont realy need to breath much but they have to, too keep their blood in good shape.


  • Silver: Silver is lethal to a werewolf if they stabbed with it, its painful for them. To kill a werewolf they need to drive a Silver Stake through their heart. Silver nitrate into the blood stream will slowy kill them if enough is injected. Silver bullets wont kill them but will harm and slow them.
  • Wolfesbane: Wolfesbane is lethel to a werewolf. When ingested, wolfesbane makes a werewolf severely weak and feverish. Whether consumed directly (eg. through food or alcohol), or indirectly (eg. by feeding on a human who has ingested wolfesbane), the effects are the same. Wolfesbane may also burn werewolves when exposed to the skin.
  • Fire: A werewolf if set on fire will burn to death, but it takes more time to burn to death than regular humans as their accelierated healing starts.
  • Decapatation: If a werewolf is decapatated they will start to feirose quickly. Feirose is when a werewolf is killed gray lines sprout from the wound all over the body, when they reach the eyes the lines go into there eyes and turn them fully white (like when a werewolf is angry, scared, aroused, about to turn or when they want to) and their bodies turn rock hard.
  • Magic: Magic can hurt a werewolf, like the power Brain Pulse. It can hurt anything with a supernatural healing ability, it causes multiple brain aneurysms.
  • Heart Extraction: When a werewolves heart is ripped out it causes instant death.
  • Deterioration Glow: When a Vampire is staked or killed they begin to deteriorate when they do their veins start to die and they give off a black glow that if it comes in contact with a Werewolves skin it can burn them.