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A Slayer is a supernatural species that fight supernatural forces.

Female Slayer

Powers & Abilites[]

Slayers are far superior to humans, displaying a variety of supernatural powers.

Super Strength[]

Slayers are much stronger than humans and animals and even some Demons, Werewolves and Vampires. They can punch through brick walls and deal massive damage to an enemy. The can kick or punch someone so hard they fly across the room.

Extensive Speed[]

Slayers can move faster than humans and some animals. They are slower than Vampires but can match the speed of a Werewolf.


Slayers have stronger senses than humans and animals. They have stronger senses than a Vampire but Werewolves senses are stronger.

Rapid Healing[]

Slayers have a rapid healing ability where they can heal from an injury five times as fast as humans and animals and twice as fast as a Werewolf or Vampire.

Supernatural Fighting Skills[]

Slayers have supernatural fighting skills, they learn every type of fighting style at once. They can do flips, tricks and do a fighting style that no human can achieve. The fighting ability is mainly caused by their strength and speed.

Natural Enemies[]


Vampires are the most common demons to be killed by Slayers. They are the main demon that is hunted and maybe killed by a Slayer as they share a hatred.

Slayer Hybrids[]

Slayer hybrids are a cross between a Slayer and a Demon.

Known Hybrids[]

Ceejay Barker - Vampire/Slayer


Slayers are usually known to have a large variety of killing weapons at their disposal. Their most common weapon is a stake for the killing of Vampires and sometimes silver stakes for the occasional Werewolf.