Sierra Portia-delanie
Elexis gets information out of Sierra about The Volturi


(November 12, 1985 - November 8, 2014)







Killed by

Solomon (Staked)

Sierra was a Dhampile and a friend of Elexis Von Swartz-child. Sierra was a party girl and was always having a good time and seemed to be the only real friend Elexis really had.


Sierra was a servant of Magnus Von Swartz-child in the 16th century. She also was at Elexis's birth. Sierra was one of the five people in charge of knowing the location of Corvin, since Magnus had a Witch cryogenically freeze him.

When Elexis found that her son was not killed by her father but in fact was frozen, she began to hunt down the people that had been revealed to know about the location of Corvin. All of the people that had knowledge of his whereabouts were all deceased, except one, Sierra. Elexis had tracked her for weeks and finally confronted Sierra, after hundreds of years apart they reconcile, Sierra revealing that she thought Elexis was dead and her father had killed her. She then begin to tell Elexis of her son and helped her get him back. While catching up with Elexis, Sierra also revealed that she knew of information on The Volturi.


She died in the 4-part series finale ,(dubbed "The Big Fight"), protecting Elexis and Corvin from Solomon. During the round up of allies for the fight against The Grim Reaper, she was told by Elexis to stay away. Despite being warned, Sierra came to the fight which led to her death.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - Dhampile's are stronger than Humans and Animals but are known to be weaker than Vampires and Werewolves.
  • Hightened Senses - Dhampile's have hightened sense of smell, sight, hearing and taste. They can sense when someone is behind them or near to them.
  • Enhanced Reflexes - They have faster reflexes than Humans and Animals and can react faster and dodge things.
  • Telepathic Immunity - Dhampile's have an immunity to any telepathic power or magic that is used on them.
  • Immortality - Dhampile's do not age, and can live for many of years.
  • Invincibility - Dhampile's can take tremendous physical damage that would normally kill a none supernatural being.
  • Durability - They don't tire as easily as others and have more energy.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Stake - Being staked through the heart with a piece of wood instantly turns a Dhampile to dust, killing them.
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