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Rebekah after throwing Cordelia


800+ (13th Century - April 3, 2012/November 8, 2013)


Original (previously)



Mikael (Father)

Esther (Mother, Deceased)

Elijah (Brother)

Kol (Brother, Deceased)

Sage (Sister, Deceased)

Finn (Brother, Deceased)



Turned By


Killed By

Heather Shaw & Elijah (Staked with White Oak stake) (1st time)

Heather Shaw (Decapitation) (2nd time)

Rebekah is an Original and is part of the Original Family. She is the second oldest of the siblings. Along with her family excluding Elijah they are the big bads of Season 5. She was the last surviving Original (apart from Elijah) after The Gang killed her siblings off, she was then killed by Heather and Elijah. Rebekah was resurected by The Grim Reaper in Season 9, and later killed again by Heather Shaw.


Rebekah is very attractive and has somewhat icy/natural yellow blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She's over 800 years but looks like she is in her late teens. She appears to be the second oldest of the Originals. When Rebekah is in her vampiric form, her eyes will turn red and black and her teeth will lengthen into fangs possibly longer than that of regular vampires. Her eyes also seem a lot redder than usual vampires.


Rebekah's personality initially is stubborn, spiteful and vindictive. Before being turned into a vampire, Rebekah loved above all things, her family, when she was turned her personality changed slightly to be selfish and obsessed with power, but she kept her love for her family. Rebekah fell into a terrible depression over the death of her mother.

Powers & Abilities[]

She has all of the powers and some weaknesses of a vampire. Due to being an Original she is stronger than most normal Vampires and is Immortal.

  • Super Strength: An Original Vampires strength far greaters that of a normal Vampire and is more powerful than most Werewolfs and Slayers.
  • Super Speed: An abillity that comes with every vampire, she can move very quickly, much faster than a human or animal can. No human or animal can outrun or run away from her.
  • Senses: She has hightend senses such as smell, she can smell things that a human couldn't. She can see in the dark. She can also feel if someone is behind her or near her. Her hearing is impeccable and can hear things from far away.
  • Rapid Healing: Vampires can heal exceptionally fast. It is possible that this accelerated healing also grants the vampire a very high pain threshold. It takes them up to 10 seconds to heal they cant heal when fighting they have to concentrate and after they have they look completely healthy. The healing can be accelerated if a vampire tries to heal while drinking blood.
  • Supernatural Fighting Skills: When a Vampire is turned they instantly gain the powers of fighting skills that don't need to learn it's natural for a Vampire. They can do flips, tricks and do a fighting style that no human can achieve. The fighting ability is mainly caused by there strength and speed.
  • Invincibility: Originals are nearly indestructible.
  • Durability: They can be hit with bricks, hit by something strong, thrown through something and still get back up and fight. Originals do not run out of breath but can become exhausted in a fight but that is because they are using muscle many times. They dont realy need to breath much only to calm their muscles.


Despite their superiority to Vampires, Originals do have weaknesses and limitations.

  • Ivy: When ingested, ivy makes a vampire severely weak and feverish. Whether consumed directly (eg. through food or alcohol), or indirectly (eg. by feeding on a human who has ingested ivy), the effects are the same. Ivy may also burn vampires when exposed on the skin.
  • Wooden Stake: A wooden stake through an Originals heart will kill them, but they would heal later and wake.
  • Sunlight : Sunlight will burn an Original but will not kill them.
  • Fire: An Original if set on fire, will burn but heal.
  • Decapataion: If an Original is decapitated it will cause instant death.
  • Heart Extraction: If a Originals heart is extracted they will deteriorate quickly, but will grow a new one and heal.
  • Magic: Magic can hurt a vampire, like the power Brain Pulse. It can hurt anything with a supernatural healing ability, it causes multiple brain aneurysms.
  • Religious Artifacts : Crosses, Holy Water and Crusifixes can hurt a vampire. If a vampire comes in contact with any of these it can burn them severley.
  • U-V Bullets: U-V bullets contain blue U-V rays that are lethal to Originals. It is unknown if they would kill an Original Vampire.
  • White Oak Stake: The only thing that is known to permanantly kill an Original. If they are staked with the White Oak stake they will deteriorate and set on fire.


1st Time[]

She fought against Heather and Elijah when the confronted her, after overpowering Heather and getting ready to kill her Elijah grabbed her from the back and tried to drive the White Oak stake into her. Rebekah quickly grabbed Elijah's hands and strugles to keep the dagger from being pushed into her heart while trying to persuade Elijah that he should stop trying to kill his sister because she is family. Heather quickly runs over and aids by pushing Elijah's hands with the stake into Rebekah while saying "You wouldn't know what family was if it kicked you in the fangs.". The Rebekah deteriorates and bursts into flames falling to the floor.

2nd Time[]

While on the battlefield, Rebekah confronts Heather wanting revenge for killing her. She realises after their fight that her Original-side of her is gone and she has been resurected a normal Vampire, but she is still strong enough to nearly take down Heather after-which she reveals she is stronger than before and now that Rebekah can be killed by normal means, this fight was going to end. After beating down Rebekah onto her knees, she is thrown an axe which she uses to decapitate Rebekah once and for all. Her body then disintegrates into dust.