Pyrokinesis, derived from the Greek words πυρ (pûr, meaning "fire, lightning") and κίνησις (kínesis, meaning "motion"), is the power to create and control fire with the will of one's own mind.

The user can generate fire and manipulate it into any form. The user can also withstand hot environments and heated places.

There are many forms of pyrokinesis such as:

Fire BallsEdit

The next step forward is the creation of fire balls. These can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are more powerful than energy balls. Usually a target can survive being hit by an energy ball but with fire balls the victim is normally thrown backwards or killed if human.

Fire BreathingEdit

Fire Breathing is another version of Firethrowing and is another variant of Pyrokinesis.


This is simply the projection of jets or bursts of flame from the hands. Flamethrowing is a deadly power capable of burning its victim.

Optical PyrokinesisEdit

Optical Pyrokinesis is a power to shot fire bolts from both eyes and another variant of Pyrokinesis.






Fire Breathing


Ecrouse demon projecting a fire ball.


Flamethrowing 2


Optical Pyrokinesis

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