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Mikayla Barker


November 5, 1847 (25/163)


Vampire (Half Breed)


Denise Brearton (Great great Niece)

Leasa Barker (Great great Niece),

Ceejay Barker (Great great great Nephew)

Evan Almond (Great great great Nephew)

Jaide Brearton (Great great great Niece)

Jordan Brearton (Great great great Nephew)

Chloe Mcgrath (Great great great Niece)



Mikayla Barker is the great great great Aunt of Evan Almond, Ceejay Barker, Chloe Mcgrath, Jordan Brearton and Jaide Brearton. Also the great great Aunt of Denise Brearton and Leasa Barker. Her Nephew was the great Grandad of Leasa and Denise and the Great great Grandad of Evan, Ceejay, Jordan, Chloe and Jaide.


Mikayla was born in November 1847 and she was turned in 1872. She travels around the world occasionaly visiting the only family she has left. Mikayla had a brief history and was friends with Elexis Von Swartz-child but she got fed up with Elexis' ways of feeding by killing humans for the pleasure and fun. She tried to get leave but Elexis would not let her. Elexis being a older was stronger and the two had fought eventualy Mikayla got the upper hand by shooting Elexis in the head and escaped to travel the world. Elexis to this day still has a hatred for Mikayla for what she did and that she left for a second reason that the army was coming because they found out she was a Vampire that nearly killed Elexis but she took down the whole army but with a little difficulty.

"Better watch your back or I'll rip it out" Elexis threatens Mikayla

Mikayla appears in Season One finale at the Masquerade ball but her presence is not known by any of her family members and only Elexis. She has a confrontation with her and she reveals she is only here to look out for her family nothing more which Elexis responded with telling her to watch her back or she would rip it out. At the end of the Masquerade ball she is approached by Thomas Haynes asking her out and her replying with "I think I'm abit too old for you" and walking away.


Mikayla has a fun and bubbly personality always laughing and smiling. She is very protective of her family and loves them. She has a bad temper and gets wound up easily and that's usually her down fall that she doesn't think. When she fight's she uses all her strength and takes no mercy and will kill if nesessary. She feeds on humans only when she has to, like to become stronger or if she is hungry but doesn't drain them completely.

Physical Appearance[]

Mikayla is naturally beautiful. She has waves of blonde hair and eyes framed by long, dark eyelashes. She has lovely features and a slender figure. Mikayla dresses very girly and wears bright colors with different hairstyles to suit her outfit.

Powers & Abilities[]

Vampires are far superior to humans, displaying a variety of supernatural powers.

  • Super Strength - Vampires are much stronger than any human or animal and can overpower them with ease. A vampires strength is big they can punch or kick at a very intense rate and can knock some people unconscious, knock them back and send them flying or sometimes if hard enough kill a human or animal.
  • Super Speed - Vampires can move very quickly, much faster than a human or animal can. No human or animal can outrun or run away from them.
  • Senses - Vampires have extremely strong senses. They are able to hear in high pitched frequencies, being able to hear conversations a normal human cannot. Vampires have a very keen sense of smell. They can also see in total darkness. Because of these senses, it makes them almost impossible to sneak up on.
  • Rapid Healing - Vampires can heal exceptionally fast. It is possible that this accelerated healing also grants the vampire a very high pain threshold. It takes them up to 10 seconds to heal they cant heal when fighting they have to concentrate and after they have they look completely healthy. The healing can be accelerated if a vampire tries to heal while drinking blood.
  • Supernatural Fighting Skills - When a Vampire is turned they instantly gain the powers of fighting skills that don't need to learn it's natural for a Vampire. They can do flips, tricks and do a fighting style that no human can achieve. The fighting ability is mainly caused by there strength and speed.
  • Invincibility - Vampires are nearly indestructible. Upon their transformation they become immune to all conventional illness, disease, virus and infection. However, they can still be poisoned with ivy, which causes severe weakness and an apparent fever. Although vampires cannot be killed by most conventional methods, direct sunlight, fire or a wooden stake through the heart will suffice.
  • Durability - They can be hit with bricks, hit by something strong, thrown through something and still get back up and fight it is quite hard to knock them out but new vampires are easier to. Vampires do not run out of breath but can become exhausted in a fight but that is because they are using muscle many times. They don't really need to breath much only to calm their muscles.


Despite their superiority to humans, vampires do have weaknesses and limitations.

  • Ivy - When ingested, ivy makes a vampire severely weak and feverish. Whether consumed directly (eg. through food or alcohol), or indirectly (eg. by feeding on a human who has ingested ivy), the effects are the same. Ivy may also burn vampires when exposed on the skin.
  • Wooden Stake - A wooden stake through a vampires heart is fatal.Upon which the vampire starts to deteriorate and their vains begin to glow a black light and burns the skin turning the skin hard. After a vampire has been staked if the vampire is hit, the skin will crack or break easily. If a werewolf is holding a vampire while its deteriorating the black glow can burn the wolf's skin.
  • Sunlight - Sunlight will burn a vampire on contact. Sunlight can burn a vampire severely. But Hybrid Vampires and Pure-Blooded Vampires can walk in the sun and are unaffected.
  • Fire - A vampire if set on fire fully will burn to death, but it takes a while to burn than humans.
  • Decapitation - If a vampire is decapitated they will start to deteriorate quickly. If a vampire is caught in a head lock and getting their head ripped of red lines appear from the neck up to the face and down from the neck to the body. A vampire or any other creature will have to use their entire strength to do this.
  • Heart Extraction - If a vampires heart is extracted they will deteriorate quickly.
  • Magic - Magic can hurt a vampire, like the power to pop brain cells. It can hurt anything with a supernatural healing ability, it causes multiple brain aneurysms.
  • Religious Artifacts - Crosses, Holy Water and Crucifixes can hurt a vampire. If a vampire comes in contact with any of these it can burn them severely
  • U-V Bullets - U-V bullets contain blue U-V rays that are lethal to Vampires and if hit by one they deteriorate instantly and emit a blue glow instead of black.