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Megan Dowling
Dark Megan


19 (March 3, 1993 - April 26, 2012)




Janice Smith (Mother, Deceased)

Jack Dowling (Father)

Ben (Brother)



Killed By

Ceejay Barker (Stabbed in chest)

Megan was a very powerful Witch. Formely a friend to the gang who was corrupted by dark magic. Megan was the Big Bad of Season 7.


Megan was a friend to the main characters and is now an enemy. She was a very powerful Witch who was once good but she was consumed by dark magic. Megan attended Cardinal Heenan High School where she had learned of her magical heritage and started to practice magic. Soon she became addicted until the point where she was using it every single day and thirsted for more knowledge. Megan then turned to practicing dark magic and went rogue. She was then set on taking over the world.

Order of Borealis[]

The Order of Borealis is a magical order of three members, one is a Slayer, one is a Witch and one is a Demon that is immune to magic. After the death of Andrew, Megan goes on a rampage and hunts down The Order, to suck their life force and gain a magical power boost. She used this power boost to try and destroy the world using Aramathea, an ancient goddess who's temple underground, if charged, could cause an apocalypse.


After her destructive rampage, she decided to end it all, all the pain and all the suffering in the world. She planned to awaken the goddess Aramathea and her temple. In the middle of charging the temple, Ceejay had intervened and tried to talk Megan out of her plan. She retaliated, and forced Ceejay out of the way, soon he got to her and reminded her of who she was and about her family, friends and her lover Andrew. Megan, now in tears, had fallen to her knees. Ceejay came over and consoled her, before plunging a dagger through her heart.


Before her dark path to become what she is, when she was in high school, Megan was quiet and smart. Then, Megan became selfish, manipulative and arrogant. She developed a short temper and she hates to lose or be defeated. Despite that she has been shown to cowardly, to run from a fight she knows she is going to lose.

Powers & Abilities[]

Megan's basic Witch powers are Spell casting and Potion Making.

Megan casting a spell

Because of Megan's' family, she was a very powerful Witch and possibly the strongest in the series. She was a dark magic user and is a master at using it and knows a wide variety of offensive spells. Megan can manipulate the basic elements of nature by making plants grown out of the ground and tying people down, moving water, generating and manipulating fire, conjuring strong gusts of air and generating electricity.

Megan is capable of telepathy, telekinesis, flying, absorbing energy from others, teleportation, changing her appearence to look like others, healing herself and others instantly at will. She can unleash powerful energy blasts, locating people and objects far distances and bestowing herself with supernatural powers such as invincibility and super strength.

Megan with a fireball

When she absorbed the powers from the 'Order of Borealis', her power was greatly advanced to the point where she could manipulate time to an extent, control the minds of others, absorb life from others and turn it into magical energy, blow things up by accelerating their molecular structure to the point where they expload, open up the floor to the earths core, block other peoples magic, see the past and future (although the future could be changed), astral project, raise the dead, reconstruct things that have been completely destroyed (even people), create things out of thin air using her own magical energy, generate powerful shockwaves that obliterate objects and people and disintegrate things.

Megan is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat, as seen when she is physically confronted by someone.