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October 21, 1993 (19)




Mikael (Brother)



Jodie is the sister of the first bred Vampire and Werewolf Hybrid, Mikael and a Hybrid herself. She is not as strong as her brother but she is stronger than both immortal species.

Powers & Abilities[]

Jodie is a Hybrid (half Vampire half Werewolf) she is stronger than both despite her age and possess both powers.

  • Super Strength: Jodie is a Hybrid and is stronger than both Vampire and Werewolf, humans, animals and Slayers. As a Hybrid she is incredabley strong and grows stronger with age.
  • Super Speed: Jodie has super speed meaning she can run faster than humans and animals. She appears as a blurr.
  • Superhuman Healing: Hybrids can heal from all most and as much more damage than other species and just as quicker.
  • Super Senses: Jodie has the hightened senses of hearing, sight, smell and taste.
  • Supernatural Fighting Skills: Hybrids have natural fighting abilities, naturaly knowing how to fight incredibley well and defend them selves.
  • Invincibility: Hybrids are nearly immune to some forms of physical damage as physical damage does not affect a Hybrid as much as a Vampire or Werewolf. They can take much more damage than both species.
  • Durability: Hybrids, unlike other species, never become tired and can run and fight for long periods of time.
  • Immortality: Hybrids are nearly immortal. They cant be killed by any normal ways that kill a Vampire or Werewolf however they can die from a stake wound but only for a few hours as they regenerate back to life. They can only be killed with a speciel spell, the only known thing to kill Hybrids. As a Hybrid is not born with a beating heart they cannot be killed by extracting their heart.


  • Hybrid Spell: If this spell is performed correctly it is the only known way to kill a Hybrid but will bring the caster to near death or even death.
  • Fire: Fire can burn a Hybrid but not as harmfuly as other species.
  • Stake: A stake to the heart will kill a Hybrid but not forever as Jodie is seen regerating a few hours later and pulling the stake out.
  • Silver: Silver can burn a Hybrid as from their Werewolf side.
  • Ivy: Ivy can burn a Hybrid as from their Vampire side.