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The Furies are a species of bat like and human looking Demons.

Aleera normal human appearance


In Greek mythology the Furies were female chthonic deities of vengeance, or supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead. Furies usually protect women and men are seen as dirty and impure. They attack and kill male's and some women if they interfere seeing them as betraying there own gender. They reside in Transylvania attaking small villages. They are three furies in Transylvania because furies are becoming extinct and they are call the Fury Brides. The three brides share strength and abilities. The first Furies seen are in hyberntion and awaken after 100 years, wearing the same clothes.

To Kill A Fury[]

Furies are hard to kill because their supernatural healing ability is 3 more times faster than Vampires. Their strength is hard to overcome, but they become weak if one is killed they become weaker. They can be killed if their heart is torn out but then it has to becrushed or they can still live and after they will turn to dust.


Furies look like normal human women but they are more beautiful and have razor sharp claws, golden eyes and long fangs. They can transform to their Fury state, where they lose their beauty and become a grey colour where they have huge talons and claws on hands and feet and they have huge wings that makes them fly.

Furies full appearance in their bat-like form

Powers & Abilities[]

Superhuman Strength[]

Furies are much stronger than humans and share strength with their fellow sisters. Their superhuman strength allows them to kill big animals and humans. Their strength also allows them to take far more trauma than humans can without much discomfort or injury.

Extensive Speed[]

They can run and fly faster than humans but are slower than Vampires.

Supernatural Senses[]

Furies can sense if they are been snuck up on, can hear conversations, can smell things far away and can see in total darkness.

Rapid Healing[]

Furies can heal faster than normal humans and Vampires which is one of the reasons why they are so hard to kill.


Furies can fly when in their Fury form because they have huge grey wings which are perfect for flying, hovering and even using them to attack people.


Furies have huge claws on their hands when in human form and on thier hands and feet when they are in Fury form.



Fire can't kill a Fury but it can weaken them though they can heal from it.


If you decapitate a Fury it will kill them but its hard to because they fly around.

Heart Extraction[]

The most effective way to kill a Fury is to remove its heart. But you will need to crush the heart or they can still live.


Only some magic seems to have an effect on Furies, so magic does not do a gret deal of damage.

Known Furies[]