Evelyn is a Succubus Demon and minor antagonist. She is portrayed by Alice Eve.

Personality Edit

Like most Succubi, Evelyn is very flirtatious and seductive, though it's alot a ruse so she can throw her prey off guard so she can feed on them, though there has been ocassions where she keeps her 'lovers' alive due to having genuine feelings for them.

She also cares very deeply for her daughter Erica, who she always cares for and would gladly protect, even if she suffers for it.

Appearance Edit

Evelyn smiling

Evelyn is an extremely beautiful and sexy woman, with blond hair that passes her shoulders, and a physically perfect body, with rather round breasts, which she clearly uses to seduce and arouse her victims, which are mostly successful men and women that are looking for a 'good time'.

Seeing herself as a master of seduction, Evelyn is often seen wearing tight clothing and clothes that show off her body, such as tank tops, tight pants, and dresses that show off some cleavage.

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