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Erica is a hybrid, the result of the Succubus Evelyn hooking up with an unnamed Werewolf. She is played by Gage Golightly.

Growing up, Erica at first struggles with her abilities as a Werewolf-Succubus hybrid, but over the years, her parents taught her how to control both sides of her supernatural nature.

Personality Edit

Like her mother, Erica is very seductive, and uses her perfect appearance to arouse and tease people that desire her for her body. She's also quite cruel, as she leads her admirers on, pretending to be interested in hooking up with them, only to walk away, humiliating them in the process.

Appearance Edit

Erica is a gorgeous teenage Succubus with curled blonde hair, light brown eyes and a shapely figure.

Erica in sexy leather jacket

When she shifts to a partial Werewolf form, her eyes turn a golden yellow, her ears and nose shift to a more canine appearance, and she sprouts sharp fangs and claws, which she can use as lethal weapons.

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