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Elexis Von Swartz-child
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"I think your gonna need my help."


562 (July 2, 1451)


Vampire (Pure Breed)


Magnus Von Swartz-child (Father, Deceased)

Sylwia East (Mother, Deceased)

Corvin (Son)



Significant Sires

Amy Lee

2 unnamed brothers

Elexis is a Vampire and one of the most powerful Vampires seen, she was the first pure bred Vampire to be seen. Elexis was the Big Bad of Season One. She has both been an ally and an enemy to the Main Characters.


Elexis is a very old Vampire but her physical age is 18. She has seen many deaths but not much is known about her apart from her father was a rich and feared vampire and her mother is also a vampire. We know nothing until she confirms she was born from both vampire parents, confirming she is a pure breed. She is cruel, seductive, sexy, strong and dangerous. It seems she doesn't care about humans she only sees them as food or her "puppets". Elexis has been seen to use anything or anyone to get what she wants even turning someone as a distraction so she could a powerful stake that could kill a Hybrid. She has a hatred of Witches and thinks of them as annoying and selfish people.

Elexis at the masquerade ball

Elexis was the Big Bad of Season One, she wreaked havoc across Leeds turning and killing people. The Gang had to stop her because her initial plan was to take over the town but at the time no one really knew why this was (we now know it was because she needed a safe hold from her father). Elexis knew The Gang would try to stop her so she had too kill them and she was going to do this at a party to end it all. She had the mayor throw a Masquerade ball where she knew the gang would try to stop her. There she met Mikayla after nearly a century of being a part and they talked and she found that Mikayla is here without her family knowing even of her existence, she threatens Mikayla telling her to watch her back, because she would "rip it out". The Gang had Neo lure Elexis to an upstairs room away from the people and have her trapped her in there with a spell along with Evan and Ceejay. With Heather, Thomas, Johnathan and Neo fighting the newly turned Vampires in the back garden. Elexis overpowers both Evan and Ceejay but catching her off-guard, being pure luck, they came close to almost staking her but they were interrupted by Heather being thrown through the upstairs window with the distraction Elexis quickly made her escape.

Ceejay and Evan almost kill Elexis

She found out her father finally found out she came to Leeds because she was running from her father for almost one hundred years after she nearly got caught in California. She is a part of a royal Vampire family that stay hidden, after she had a baby with another Vampire. Magnus ordered her to be executed but she escaped. In the first season after she came, Elexis was recognised by some of the Vampires in the town but because she cannot risk anything, she killed all of them. Elexis was brought up to hate Werewolves, but we have seen that she has taken a shinning to Thomas so we can see that she has gone against everything that she believed in. 


After the death of her father Magnus Von Swartz-child by Ceejay, she left town, in search of

"You Witches are so arrogant" Elexis attacking Neo

her son after she had just killed Neo. Because of Mangus' death Elexis could stop running in fear of him and she was now free even sheeding a tear before leaving showing that she is actually going to miss Leeds, portraying some ammount of humanity she has left. She departed in Season 6.


Elexis returned near-end of Season 8 with her son Corvin. In Season 9 she learned of The Volturi and The Grim Reaper and joined in on the final battle. Elexis first appearence was with a double date with Cordelia unknown to her though. At the end of the date it is revealed that their dates are Werewolves and were planning on killing them both. Cordelia and Elexis ended up staking them both. She told Cordelia she had some valuable information which led Cordelia to bringing her to the mansion in which everybody reacted in a negetive way even Heather throwing Elexis into a wall and choking her but was quickly thrown off by her superior strength.

Elexis being knocked down by Demetri


In 1910, she stopped and fed on the passengers of a taxi, taking sadistic pleasure over it, the taxi driver being so concerned about the safety of a lone lady on the road at night. She smiled at him, thanked him for his concern and then fed on him, clearly showing that all humans were to her, was food and amusement at that time. However, it is known that even then she could find humans as potential mates. It is a fact that she had a sexual relationship with two brothers and eventually turned them both and saying to them that she loved them as she was being carted away to be presumably driven to Scotland. This is likely an exception since she hasn't shown any concern for human life even of the opposite sex presently. Elexis is cruel, vindictive and sly. She uses people too get what she wants and is regardless of the persons feelings or life. She is very manipulative, self-obsessed and selfish. Elexis does not care for the people she hurts and loves the destruction she causes on their life. The only person she has only ever shown too actually care about is her son, which has significantly changed her personality from an arrogent and ignorant Vampire to a more mother-ish personality, but still is the same on the inside.


Elexis is very beautiful and seductive. She has an oval face with beautiful facial features and structure.

She has long brown hair, she prefers to wear her hair in curls. Elexis has almond-shaped, deep brown eyes with thick dark lashes and her eyes seem to be dark in color, and have a "smokey" and "shadowy" appearance. She also wears heavier make up, Elexis' overall appearance is described as sexy and seductive.

Elexis sense of fashion is chic and mature. She seems to favor clothes which are black in color and is often seen wearing tight leather pants and spike heels. There is a cool and elegant demeanor about Elexis. Elexis is very vain and narcissistic about her looks, and has no problem using her sexuality and her beauty to get what she wants.

Powers & Abilities[]

Due to Elexis' age and being a pure breed Vampire she is physically stronger than some normal Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons.

  • Super Strength - Vampires are much stronger than normal humans and animals and become stronger with age. They punch with brute force sometimes even knocking someone out our making them fly across a room. Elexis is a pure breed Vampire and combined with her age she is much stronger than some younger, half breed Vampires.
  • Super Speed - Vampires can move exceptionally fast, much faster than a human or animal can. No human or animal can outrun or run away from them.
  • Senses - Vampires have hightend senses such as smell, seeing in the dark, can feel if someone is behind them or near them. Their hearing is impeccable and can hear things from far away.
  • Rapid Healing - Vampires can heal exceptionally fast. The healing can be accelerated if a vampire tries to heal while drinking blood.
  • Supernatural Fighting Skills - When a Vampire is turned/born they instantly gain the knowledge to fight and defend themselves.The fighting ability is mainly caused by there strength and speed.
  • Invincibility - Vampires are nearly indestructible and are partially immune to most forms of physical harm and can take incredible damage that would kill a human.
  • Immortality - Upon their birth they become immune to all conventional illness, disease, virus and infection. However, they can still be poisoned with ivy, which causes severe weakness and an apparent fever.
  • Durability - Vampires never tire. Vampires do not run out of breath but can become exhausted.


  • Ivy - When ingested, ivy makes a Vampire severely weak and feverish. Whether consumed directly (eg. through food or alcohol), or indirectly (eg. by feeding on a human who has ingested ivy), the effects are the same. Ivy may also burn vampires when exposed on the skin.
  • Wooden Stake - A wooden stake through a Vampires heart is fatal. Upon which the Vampire starts to deteriorate and their vains begin to glow a black light and burns the skin turning the skin hard. After a Vampire has been staked if the Vampire is hit, the skin will crack or break easily. If a Werewolf is holding a vampire while its deteriorating the black glow can burn the wolf's skin.Fire: A Vampire if set on fire they will burn to death, but it takes a while to burn than humans.
  • Decapataion - If a Vampire is decapatated they will die instantly.
  • Heart Extraction - If a Vampires heart is extracted they will deteriorate quickly.
  • Magic - Magic can hurt a Vampire, like the power Brain Pulse. It can hurt anything with a supernatural healing ability, it causes multiple brain aneurysms.
  • Religious Artifacts - Crosses, Holy Water and Crusifixes can hurt a Vampire. If a Vampire comes in contact with any of these it can burn them severley.


  • Elexis was born in the 15th century.
  • Both of her parents were pure breed Vampires.
  • Elexis has no siblings.
  • She is of German descent.
  • Elexis' first name is Greek which is commonly spelt 'Alexis' and means "to help, defend". Her last name is a German surname Swartz-child meaning "black sign".
  • Elexis had a son in the 16th century with an unknown Vampire named Corvin who she gave up as this would have angered her father who would have killed him.
  • In the 15th century her family were powerful, rich and well respected members of the Vampire community.  
  • Although she does not care now, Elexis was brought up to dislike and kill Werewolves.