Devon stare






Devil (Previously)




Killed by

Evan Almond (As a Devil) (Sliced in half with scythe)

Ceejay Barker (As a Human) (Spine ripped out)

Devon was a Devil, a race of now extinct ancient Demons long thought to be a myth. He is one of the most powerful beings on the show, being only under strength to the Hell God Charificus, but he is shown to be more invincible and could take much more damage than she could. Devon was killed when Evan Almond took the Holy Scythe and sliced him in two after Thomas rammed his fist through his chest. Devon later resurfaced as a human as punishment and was later killed again when Ceejay ripped out his spine and set the body on fire.

Devon was the Big Bad of Season 8.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

When he was a Devil, Devon was one of the most powerful Big Bads on the show being stronger than most Vampires, Werewolves and Slayers.

  • Super Strength: Devon possessed incredible strength being able to knock down concrete walls, rip off a car door, move huge boulders, ripping down a brick wall, knocking a person straight across the room and ramming his fist through a mans head with one punch. He has overpowered everyone he has come into contact with only the Hollow matching his strength but even then still overpowered it, but not without difficulty. Devon has gone head-to-head with "the gang" and beaten down all of them.
  • Invincibility: Devon was almost indistructable nothing barely even harmed him. He has been hit in the head with an axe and barely even flinched before the axe shattered into pieces. He as also been ran over by a car, knocked off high buildings, punched by many supernatural creatures, shot at with a shotgun and has a had a flamethrower at him and he none of that seemed to even make him flinch. The only thing that has caused him physical scars or pain was the Orb of Tesalouse (which just weakened him a little) and punches from the Hollow which matched his strength. His skin is inpenetrable and even can't be bitten by the teeth of a Vampire or Werewolf.
  • Rapid Healing: Devon could heal from any physical or mental wound. He could even heal from decapitation in a matter of minutes.
  • Delayed Aging: As Devon is a Devil he does age but it is extremely slowed down.


  • The Holy Scythe: This scythe was made in the fires of Devon's dimension and it is the only weapon that can kill or harm him.
  • Orb of Tesalouse: The orb if brought near or touched by Devon severely weakens him and his powers enough that he can be hurt.
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