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Unknown (Ancient)




Hell God



Killed By

Heather Shaw (Beaten to death with Troll Hammer)

Charificus, commonly known as Charity and also referred as The Beast, The Abomination and That Which Cannot Be Named, is a goddess from a Hell Dimension. She is the Big Bad of Season 6.


Charity was a Hell God who was stripped of most of her powers and left with only half her usual strength by a group of Demon's, who put the rest of her powers into a diamond necklace which was sent to the earth dimension to be protected. She killed the demons and went in search of the diamond. She found it in the protection of a Monk, who she also tortured and killed.

When Evan, Thomas and Heather came to help from getting a distress call from Cordelia, who's Monk was her father, they became easily pushed aside by Charity's great Strength. Charity then found the necklace. Evan suddenly took and tried to escape but when he rushed up a wall Charity punched it, causing it to collapse. As Charity went to touch it, the diamond let out a burst of energy that threw Charity along a room . She found that nothing evil could touch it. She left and asked them to keep it until she found away to have it.