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Avicii is an Ancient Demon and/or Deity. She is the sister of Illyria, an Ancient Demon who wanted to rage war against Avicii in another dimension. Avicii is an ally to The Gang after they helped her deal with her sister. The Gang called upon Avicii for help in Season 9 to help deal with A.D.A.M, a cyborg made up of human, demon and robotic parts who was a part of the final fight.


Avicii was once human. Living in B.C, she was chosen to be the wife of god Ares, endowing her with powers but she refused to give in and run away. Ares, in anger, destroyed her village and killed everyone she loved apart from her sister, Illyria. Ares saw the darkness in her heart from the jealousy of Avicii and embewed her with the same powers. Over time both Avicii's powers and Illyria's started to grow and become different because of their personalities. All God's were banished to another dimension, since Avicii and Illyria are classed as Deity's they were also banished. In the new dimension, Illyria was planning to wage war on her sister with her army of dead soliders.

After The Gang stopped a group of Witches opening the portal to this dimension, the rift caused a collision which swallowed up and threw out Avicii and Illyria. Avicii saw the goodness in the hearts of The Gang and asked for their help, since in this dimension their powers were weakened. She asked them to help track down and stop her sister but not kill her instead helping her see the good. After a major fight between Illyria and The Gang, which resulted in her taking them all down with her powers. After, Avicii tried to talk to Ilyria and persuade her. Illyria finally gave in and welcomed her sister back into her heart, returning to their dimension happy.

Avicii and Illyria were then called upon in the final battle, with their powers in this dimension they were ordered to take down specific people. Avicii took down a cyborg named A.D.A.M.

Powers & Abilities[]

The full extent of the powers of Avicii have not been shown only what she possesses in this dimension.

  • Super Strength: Avicii is enormously strong, able to tear down brick walls and punch a demon with such force it snaps their neck. She is able to beat A.D.A.M with such force that she took him down quickly, even though he is three times her size in height and weight.
  • Magic: Avicii is widely adapt in the power of magic, so much that she doesnt need to speak the spells she uses. She uses a forcefield against delfecting A.D.A.M's bullets, turning his grenade into dove's, force A.D.A.M's machine gun to revert back to his arm and hover A.D.A.M's uranium core in the air then make it collapse in on itself completely destroying it and killing him.
  • Invincibility: Avicii has been hit with swords that break upon hitting her and been run over by a car and getting back up without doing any physical damage.
  • Immortality: Avicii is over 3000 years old and doesn't age and she is immune to illness and diseases.