Anthony "Tony" Haynes
Tony Haynes


November 23, 1782 (228)


Werewolf (Pure Breed)


Iryna (Ex-Wife)

Domonic Haynes (Son, deceased)

Thomas Haynes (Son)



Tony Haynes was the father of Thomas and Dominic Haynes and the ex-husband of Iryna Stecko. He is one of the most powerfulest Werewolves on Bloodlust. 

Life & PastEdit

Six centuries passed before anyone began to suspect that Tony had survived the war 200 years ago. By then, Tony had formed an alliance with the Vampire Magnus Von Swartz-child. Magnus provided him with information in aid in the war against the Vampires. In return, Tony provided Magnus with Werewolves as guard dogs. He is the father and Thomas and Domonic, although he never shows it he does love his children.

Its shown when a vampire and his gang tried to kill Dominic and Thomas while visiting Iryna. He takes them all down, after he says "Don't you dare touch my sons" and then kills them although Thomas and Dominic never new or were even aware of the fact they or Tony was there.

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