Aleera in partial Fury mode

Aleera is a Fury and one of the three Fury Sisters alongside Marishka and Verona.

Personality Edit

Out of the three Furies, Aleera is the most playful yet sadistic, often seen torturing her victims before killing them. Also, she has a habit of seducing her victims with her human form before suddenly transforming to her more monstrous appearance and brutally slaughtering them on occasion.

Appearance Edit

Aleera is the youngest of her sisters. As such, she has amazing beauty, even by Fury's standards, with light orange hair, an amazingly beautiful face, and a slim but voluptuous body, which she can no doubt use to arouse and seduce humans (when she feels like it).

In her Fury form, she pretty much looks the same, only her skin becomes a dark grey color, her mouth extends, and she grows large wings, fangs, and claws, all of which she uses as deadly weapons on her enemies.

Aleera and Verona in Fury mode

Aleera and her oldest sister Verona in their Fury forms.

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